I would like to tell you a little bit about The Other Seat.  I designed and developed this product because I sew much better than I ride.  In the area that I live and ride, I am either going up hill or down hill and had a problem keeping my seat from sliding in my slippery close contact saddle.  I could use my full seat breeches, but often didn't want to take the time to change, or in the summer they can be hot and uncomfortable.  One day while riding I thought why not put the suede on the saddle instead of the breeches. Since then, they have been used by handicapped riders, older riders, novice riders, and experienced trainers on green horses. I'm sure you will not be disappointed if you try one.
email me
"Your suede "Other Seat" fit perfectly.  Made a big improvement in my Ansur Saddle which, by design, is just a dressage-shaped pad with a pommel and cantle.  While the Ansur saddles are great for working on straightness and balance, and are much more comfortable for the horse since they have no tree, they don't especially hold the rider in place.

Your "Other Seat" really helped the security of my Ansur."

Bonnie Marshall, Oakland, California
" My husband Rick and I own and operate Campbell Urban Training Center in Boerne, Texas.  We pretty much ride all day, every day on a variety of types and breeds of horses.  We also ride summer and winter no matter what the weather (from 100 degrees to rain and sleet).  Your saddle cover, The Other Seat, serves us so well for so many different reasons.  It protects a new saddle, makes an older, worn saddle continue to be of use for a longer period of time, or simply adds comfort and/or security to a rider at any time during the saddle's life.  I especially like the fact that it doesn't add bulk under a rider's seat and it's also easy to put on and stays in place.  Thank you for this great product!"

Sincerely - Judy Campbell Urban
"I have been using the Other Seat for over 6 years now.  I originally bought one because the seam of my dressage saddle was starting to wear thin.  I figured that the Other Seat would extend the life of my saddle - which it does.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Other Seat also gave me that extra "grip" that full seat breeches give.  It is nice to be able to wear the more comfortable knee patch breeches for daily riding in the summer.  Full seat breeches can be just too hot.  Also, the Other Seat gives me the feeling of security with young horses.  You really stick to the saddle and can maintain a stable seat without the use of creams or balsam.
Since the Other Seat is made of suede, it is not bulky at all.  It does not interfere with your riding position or the feeling of the horse under your seat.  It is really a wonderful product."

Katrina L. Christy
Manager, Clinical Affairs
Rita Medical Systems
Fremont, CA
"I just wanted to tell you how much I love "The Other Seat".  The grip is great and it covers the quilted leather of my endurance saddle so I can use it for fox hunting."

With Thanks and Appreciation,
The Other Seat
"Thank you so much for creating the "Western" Other Seat.  I never realized how much not having a sued seat made until I bought a Western saddle without one.  Your Other Seat saved me a lot of money and I am forever grateful.  I would be happy to answer anyone's questions.  Thanks again!!! "
Patty Goetz, Greencastle, PA
"I love my Other Seat and the medium fits perfect on my saddle!  I even attached two pictures to show how well it's fitting on my 17" Wintec Close Contact (which really measures more like a 17.5").  It's a great saddle, but it's made of synthetic Equileather that can be quite slick, and this Other Seat has remedied that problem.

Please feel free to use the pictures if they're useful for your web site or whatever else.  I'm a huge fan of this product and hope that I'll never have to ride without it ever again!"

Best, Jen Michaels

"I LOVE the seat cover....it is all that your ad said... 
I feel so secure now - I lost a lot of nerve last year & just didn't feel good
about riding again.
The quality is excellent, it fits my saddle beautifully &  just knowing that it's there makes me enjoy riding again.  I don't think I'll ever take it off!
Thanks for a great product!

Wanda Brumwell
Cover fits great and helps a bundle!!

Jennifer Miller
Thank you for making such a well designed product.  I like having a breathable,
natural material covering my saddle.

Diana Kay

Thanks for the brown The Other Seat.  It fits my old Steuben perfectly.

Vera Biggerstaff
Thank you so very much for designing such a great product.  Brillant!

Lori Koronowski
Thanks for a great product at a great price!

Rose Gallo
Thank you JoAnn, "The Other Seat" has kept my bottom in the saddle while riding a few high energy horses.

Judy Parker
I bought a seat cover from you a couple of years ago and I just love it, it does all that
I wanted.  No more sweating seat and it helps me to stay in the saddle better.  I need to order another one.

Marie Piper
Thank you for such a wonderful and simple product.  It has made an "older ruder" feel so much more secure in the saddle and maybe even extended my riding years.
Good work.
I ordered one of your "seats" in August.  Just wanted to let you know that it is working wonderfully on the stubben saddle.  Good sticking power.  Glad I found your site.  I will be talking this up with other trail riders!

Michele Dunn
I purchased "The Other Seat" and was questioning the effectiveness of the product.  I received the product very quickly and was glad that I did.  I immediately put it on my saddle and it wasn't a perfect fit due to the shape of the saddle, but it did fit securely.  The first horse that I tried it on was a green peruvian gelding that I have been training.  He has a lot of brio and moves very quick.  I rode the horse for at least 45 minutes before even realizing that I wasn't sliding all over the place.  This saddle is made of very smooth leather and I did not like to ride it due to it being so slippery.  Now, I am totally confident in riding this saddle with "The Other Seat" on it.  Thank you for a great idea and a very helpful product.

Edward Autin,  The Delta EA Ranch
I wanted to thank you for my suede "the other seat".  It is the best accessory I ever bought to ride my 5 year old Arab!  I plan on buying another one when I wear this one out!  I am training for CTRs and I can go up or down steep hills at a fast pace and never slip or slide.  Makes my training rides much safer.  Thanks again!!

LeeAnne Einsel